Star Actor Frederick Leonard

Zodiac Sign
FL: Taurus and we are considered stubborn

So you are confirming the fact that you are stubborn?
FL: Not exactly, except when I am trying to get my message across. I don’t play ignorant.

Do you appreciate criticisms about your work? If so, how do you deal with the criticisms?
FL: Yes, as long as it is positive not consciously rude. I appreciate the sort of criticism that will take me to the next level

Languages spoken
FL: I speak igbo 100% fluently and I speak 20% of Yoruba

For someone who is proudly Igbo, Nigerian, where is Frederick Leonard coming from?
FL: Fredrick is actually my Christian name; Nnemeka is my native name and my last name is actually my father’s first name.

That’s usual, why use his first name, Leonard?
FL: It is a name I can defend. He was someone I knew; legit; a principled man, a hardworking man.

So, what’s your last name then?
FL: That is one thing I cannot disclose, but it is a family name and goes back to my great-grandfather. It is a name that I would not want to associate with in terms of what it stands for. For example, where I come from people can ultimately judge you by your family name that no matter what you are about that lineage will stick with you. As far as I am concerned, I am a Leonard. That is who I am, who I know and can defend. Leonard was my father, a man I admired greatly. I lost him at 14years old and twenty years from now I can still defend my father -Leonard. He was a highly principled and hardworking man.

Have you worked alongside all of your favourite Nollywood Actors or are there some you would still like to work with?
FL: Ramsey Noah and Omotola

What is your favourite colour?
FL: White because it is pure, transparent.

Did you have a nickname in school, if so, what was it?
FL: No, I didn’t.

What is your favourite ride?
FL: If I can afford it, I would have to say Range Rover 2015

Favourite Food
FL: Rice and Turkey, but lately it’s been pounded yam or semo and vegetable.

Ain’t you worried about putting on the pounds, no more six-packs?
FL: No. I have a very good metabolism and I’ve got a mini-gym in my house.

So, when are you getting married?
FL: Ha(chuckles)…that’s a big one! GOD has a hand in it, I have already told him. I have placed it before him and until he says yes, then I will.

So you have placed a particular person before him then?
FL: Yes.

Does having a high number of female fans make it difficult to settle down?
FL: No, I don’t entertain anything beyond fan with women

What is the most outrageous incident you have ever encountered with a fan?
FL: Nothing at all.
(Take note readers, you attract what you portray)

Did you always know you were going to be an actor?
FL: Nope, I fell into it and God’s Grace just took over.

What is the one thing that people don’t know about you and will find out first hand on this blog?
FL: That I love GOD

Oh, people know that. I have read some of your interviews and even I know that.
FL: NO! They really do not know how much I LOVE GOD! I am a grass to grace story.

Have you ever been to Canada?
FL: No, but I have been to Europe, Uk, the United States. Growing up though, Canada had always been a childhood dream back in the day.

What’s the most outrageous incident ever encountered with a fan?
FL: No, Nothing.

What is your most favourite movie that you have starred in till date?
FL: That is a tough one, but if I have to pick, it would have to be Accident. Accident is close to my heart.

For someone who has never seen your movie, which one movie would you recommend for someone like me?
FL: De ja Vu

Might I also add, Mr. Leonard is a typical African man, acting façade aside, he says he cannot be with a woman who cannot cook, modern day or not 🙂

Money: “opens all doors”

Your mother is: “the love of my life”

Your Dad is: “was my mentor”

One thing you are never desperate for: “Oh my, goodness, ha, as much as I want to get rich, I am never desperate to get it outside the law.”

One thing I cannot stand is: “Mediocrity”

Favourite Electronic Gadget: “IPAD”

My Dream car: Range Rover 2015”

My ideal wife is: “One who fears and respects GOD more than man.”

The best thing in life is: “Peace” and “Happiness” and since I must pick one it would be “Happiness.”

Favorite Nollywood Actor: “Ramsey Noah”

Favorite Nollywood Actress: “Omotola”

Two things I wish I had control of: “the way people think and mankind’s dedication to succeed.”

Favorite Sports: “Soccer”

Your most Favorite Movie that you featured in till date: “Accident”

Favourite Future Movie: “Seven, which should be released sometime in the summer of next year.”

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