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Valentine Mode Activated

Ultimately, Valentine Day refers to February 14!  Traditionally, people send out cards to someone(s) they are romantically attracted to or linked to romantically.  Overtime, it has extended to include friends, significant others and families.  Beyond cards and flowers people often use this day as a special time to honor and love each other(more).

The word Valentine was actually named after the life of a Catholic Priest named Saint Valentine, he brought valentine day to existence. Saint Valentine had lived in Rome during the 3rd century.  Saint Valentine’s actions during this century celebrated and cherished love in Rome.  How so?  Saint Valentine instigated love by secretly marrying off Roman Soldiers during an era, where the soldiers were forbidden by law to do so.  At the time, the Pagan Emperor Claudius II had a sole aim to devote soldiers to the Roman Empire. Eventually, Saint Valentine was found out and imprisoned for his illegal actions.  While in prison Saint Valentine did not give up on love, he continuously practiced love within the prison walls, by caring for his fellow prisoners and the blind daughter of the pagan Emperor Claudius II (the very man responsible for his imprisonment).

The blind daughter of the Emperor was eventually healed and it was speculated that Saint Valentine was responsible for her healing.  This is not hard to believe because love heals, yup! That’s how potent and powerful love is. True, how much love you need might vary from the next person but I can reassure you love heals and there ain’t anything more potent than love!

As a matter of fact, the Emperor still executed Saint Valentine for a crime we can consider no crime at all, but that of a crime of love, for which a pardon could have been granted.  Before Saint Valentine’s execution, Saint Valentine wrote a love message to the Emperor’s daughter and signed it ‘FROM YOUR VALENTINE.’  Two hundred years later, February 14 became an open declaration of Valentine’s day and as at this time Rome had become predominantly Christian. And the Catholic Church maintained its stance, determined more than ever to wipe out paganism in Rome.

A Few Things to Take Away From All These:

    • Love is not necessarily blind. Love is a natural progression!
    • We ought to celebrate love for each other and in our everyday. Individuals’ like Saint Valentine stood for something positive. He stood for the good -love in others, so technically everyone is capable of loving and deserves to be loved. You are a lover if you love and celebrate love in others. Yes. It is that easy! It is not valentine 14 restrained nor constrained. Although, it may not be easy to love someone who constantly rewards you with the opposite, but a person(s) light never gets diminished by lightening the candle of others. In essence, hatred is a kill-joy and a destroyer of anything good! No doubt, hatred is a slow poison that eventually destroys the one who hates, not the one who is hated!
    • Love is what makes our world still endurable; it is still after all what makes the world go round. Remember, hatred is a slow poison that kills the ‘hater’ aka the ‘hatee’ not the ‘hated’.
    • Unless it is deceitful, love is not love if it is not open communication. If you claim to have love, it must be evident in your interaction with those you claim to love.
    • If you have ever been programmed to think valentine 14 is only a lover’s day, just ask the City of Mississauga because officially in Ontario Canada, Valentine’s Day is now #HazelMcCallionDay…yup! right after a Canadian politician by the name of “Hazel McCallion, IMG_5064CM is a Canadian politician (happy politics Day)and businesswoman who served as the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario from 1978 until 2014. She is the first and current Chancellor of Sheridan College.” So then what are you waiting for? …Biko, you’ve got no excuse not to attend #ametval, save VALENTINE for the 19th…;( 19.Feb.2017.
    • Treating yourself to celebrate the occasion can be done any other day than the 14th, so this year AMET-TV has put together an exclusive package for valentine celebrants who need to have a reason to eat chocolate, go out, wear something new, something red, network or ‘bizwork’ et al.
    • In essence, anyone can be your valentine, even AMET-TV! So save the Date…why not join us and come celebrate love on Sunday, 19 February 2017. You don’t want to miss this, like really!!! 🙂

Make it a Date!

  • You don’t want to miss sassy, classy and of course the Creme-de-la-Creme of Afro-Canadians!















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