How appropriate is this?

Lets set the record straight, Picture is said to be a hoax. But still…lets talk, we need to talk.


Although, the inserted photo is said to be a hoax, however, it does raise some issues for concern on the inappropriate or indecent touching of women. Unless, we are mistaken here, there ought to be a general consensus of what is inappropriate or indecent behaviour as regards public touching of a woman.

Now, even if a man is Obama personified, no man should touch a woman inappropriately, some may argue that it is acceptable if the woman is his bae (sure, in public?) but haven’t we witnessed how some celebrities grab their women publicly. Beg to differ, but this comes across as rude and outright possessive – it looks bad on the woman, it objectifies the woman, most certainly not the man, the alpha-male(s) in question, right? ..y’all remember this display of egocentric-chauvinism? Although, our focus is currently not on the celebrities(who are more often than not starving and groping for attention), our focus is on the everyday ‘alpha-male’ or ‘egocentric male’.

Whether you are Obama himself (no offence, Mr.President) perhaps a look-alike or a relative of ex-president Obama or whatnot; truth be told, it is inappropriate to touch a woman on that part of her anatomy, amongst other areas. It is so not cool. Why? It is rude behaviour especially when the woman is most especially not your significant-other. There are so many places a man can touch a woman respectfully and not disrespect her. If you happen to be a man like that or perhaps you feel it is your personal assignment to check if the woman’s butt is real or not, you are reminded to refrain from such inappropriate behaviour before it gets you more than a cover page in vogues magazine.

Why are we talking about this? Simply awareness, knowledge shared etc…what more can we add? Oh yeah, it is rude and of course disrespectful to the women in question(although, some women may see nothing wrong with this, others beg to differ). Might we add, it also shows a level of ignorance on the male(s) in question, amidst their private flexing of muscles. But still, how else can we emphasize this deliberate act of ignorance?

Now, in such unforeseen circumstances (if at all); how does or should a woman respond to such inappropriate behaviour?  Should we women start grabbing the men publicly(you know where?) in retaliation…? (lol). But 😳 seriously, what insult and insolence?

For future, please note the difference guys…

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