Ever heard of Little Dumplings?

Canada’s multicultural food scene

Just a few facts about cruising owner, long overdue in the spotlight.

According to Chef Bashir Munye of my little Dumplings:

“Food is a celebration of where I have been and where I want to be not about creating boundaries ust so I could be defined.”

“Food for me is always fluid as people travel and migrate throughout history.

He explores nomadic cooking including jerk chicken.

He explores food that explores Africa’s vast culinary regions mixed with his family historical
Somalian background and its local ingredients.

He encapsules Toronto’s multicultural food scene.

Most customers know him as the man from evergreen.

Frequently plays with flavour which changes people’s perceptions of West African food.

Lived in TO for 21years.

Born in Somalia.

Raised in Italy.

Married to a woman from Barbados.

Currently the cuisine owner situated in Leslieville.

He represents the diaspora.

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