Where will you be this New Year’s Eve? Saturday, December 31st 2016

Save the Date: NEW YEAR’s EVE – SATURDAY, DECEMBER 31. 2016

Time: 7pm


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What is PRAISE? To the most high, OUR PRAISE is AWE! AWE in the ominipotent greatness of GOD, in AWE of the wonders of his works, in AWE of the existence of you and I, in AWE of mankind!

What is WORSHIP? To the most high, WORSHIP is Honor! WORSHIP is given Honor to whom Honor is due! WORSHIP is reverence! WORSHIP is subjectivity to humility, in the capability of the most High GOD! JEHOVAH! ELI! ALPHA! OMEGA! THE BEGINNING! THE END! THE PRAISE! The WORSHIP! For who GOD is; what GOD is; how GOD is; and HIS to come! The fear, the dread of HIM! Yet, the reverence of HIM is like no other! Like the air we breathe, GOD must be praised! GOD must be worshipped!


There is no man on earth who is cast down, yet comes before GOD in PRAISE & WORSHIP that ever leaves the same way he or she came. Why? Because there is always a lifting up of the human spirit and not one can go wrong when there is a lifting up of the inner man, the spirit!

So this year on New Year’s Eve- Saturday, December 31st 2016, get ready Toronto, get ready Canada to welcome international and all round seasoned gospel artists in their respective rights to an awesome time of Praise and Worship in our diverse City of TORONTO! This is the trendiest revolution like no other, every worshipper of every race and denomination with one purpose only -PRAISE!!! WORSHIP!!!

Just to name a few, here are a couple of highlights of Praise & Worship Pioneers lined up to usher in a crowd of almost 10,000 of GOD’s people into the New Year 2017 at the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE.

PASTOR WALE AKINSIKU, popularly known as PWA is a humble, seasoned Leader, a Preacher, an astute Teacher both in Ministry and in Business. PWA is focused and creative in his vision, embodying an empowerment of dedication, inspiration, sound knowledge and evidence. PWA is a passionate member of the body of Christ and open heavens. PWA champions and breeds champions, whilst faithfully and passionately serving as the Senior Pastor of House of Praise in Mississauga, Canada. Over the years in ministerial leadership, he has shepherd not only as a Mentor but also as a Father, a Leader, a Role Model to youths, men and women within and outside a diverse community, who have in turn simultaneously achieved their dreams, working and walking in divine direction thereby fulfilling destiny in GOD’s purpose for their lives. PASTOR WALE AKINSIKU is actively still in GOD’s business of making a difference in humanity. This year’s open heavens 2016 promises to be no exception as a FIRST of its kind, as it fosters to bring together an embodiment of worshippers from various churches in one house, under one roof, one accord, one voice of praise and worship, in one faith and one GOD

PWA, with his unique vision to ministry is taking the church to new levels and reaching out wholeheartedly to the community at large, fulfilling a vision to empower people to achieve their dreams and fulfill their God-given destiny. In addition, his numerous anointed teachings have also transformed lives and empowered numerous others to reach their utmost potential(s). He is a Practice & Preach Pastor, humbly after GOD’s own heart. Like the anticipated experience at this year’s open heavens 2016, PWA prepares to raise more champions in Christ, from the faithless’ to the faithfuls; from transformation to renewal; from disbelief to belief; from doubt to keeping the faith; and staying in faith. You are reassured, self-assured to never remain the same way you came in the utmost atmosphere for miracles to abound!

DONALD JAMES MOEN, popularly known as DON MOEN. Doen Moen is an American Singer-Songwriter, WORSHIP Leader, Pastor, Producer of Christian worship music. Ask this gifted worship leader what his purpose is and he did tell you for certain: “To be an architect who designs products and events that help people experience God’s presence in a new and fresh way.” Two things you might find exclusive about Don MOEN is his life defining moments. One of such in no particular order is an encounter meeting with Gifty, a little girl in Accra, Ghana, that led him into establishing an organization WIA(Worship In Action). He knew right after that meeting beyond singing and ushering people in worship he was a tool, God’s vessel of hands and feet of hope to the hurting and hopeless. Secondly, during his teen and early adult years, DON MOEN made several attempts to run away from music, until one faithful night he had a 3AM wake up call, an urge to read Psalm 40:3(I have put a new song in your mouth, a song of praise to God. Many will see it and fear and put their trust in the Lord) and that set the pacesetter of his musical journey.

MICAH STAMPLEY is an extremely talented, multi-octave singer. At the age of 4, at just 4years of age, he was already a member of the community church choir. No wonder, after all, he is the fifth child out of a family of 8 musically gifted children. Two exclusive things about Micah Stampley: He is a father of five, married to a Songwriter wife -Heidi Stampley, so just imagine the duo combination of jingles and healing(wife is also a nurse) in heavenly bliss. Secondly, this multi-octave singer also plays the tambourine, an astute teacher of musical workshops when it comes to vocal arrangements and harmonies. One thing that sure stands out when you think Micah Stampley is his sincerity, his passion for all things love and family. In an interview with CBB -Stampley is quoted as saying that the most difficult part of his rising fame is keeping the right balance between career and family. “It was very tough when I was growing up. My parents really struggled,” Stampley said. “My father worked long hours and I don’t want to have to do that and be away from my kids. Sons especially need their father. I don’t want my children to be another statistic. God has blessed our family with a way to keep the balance.” Another difficulty for artists in the business is protecting oneself from people who will take advantage of them. “I love truth and honesty,” he said. “I want our people to know their purpose and be successful. So a person going into the business must protect himself from those who would take advantage of him. You’ve got to understand the business and how publishing and copywriting works, or you may not end up making a cent.”


KIRK DEWAYNE FRANKLIN, widely known as KIRK FRANKLIN is an American Gospel Artiste. KIRK is God’s property personified. Taking the unconventional route in Gospel, KIRK broke the silence of gospel by bringing the HIP into Gospel Music and making it Pop! KIRK FRANKLIN is an 8 time Grammy Award Winner, a Choir Director and an author. At age 4, KIRK was abandoned by his parents, then raised in Texas by an elderly aunt with whom he recycled papers and cans to help fund piano lessons. By the tender age of 11, he was appointed Minister of Music to lead an adult choir, at his aunt’s church. Two things you might find exclusive about KIRK- he is a married father of 4 and apparently that is all the exercise regime he needs for staying fit, but then again a natural Praise personality, one who ‘stomps’ the stage at every one of his appearances, is sure to stay lean and fit, since standing still is not in his vocab! Secondly, in his personal search for praise/worship talent KIRK states: “It always starts with the heart of the person. I look for people with great hearts.”

JUMBO ANIEBET JUMBO ANIEBET is an African Songwriter, Composer, Producer currently based in the United States. He comes from a musical family. His father Elijah Jumbo was a well-known music writer. Pa Jumbo taught him to play the harmonica(this is a small rectangular wind instrument with a row of mental reeds held against the lips and moved from side to side via blowing or sulking to produce varying notes). Growing up, all ANIEBET JUMBO wanted to do was go to the university like his peers and study to become a professional either in engineering, law or medicine – a conventional pathway for most children raised from African homes. However, life changes unravelled its mysteries, stirring JUMBO into his divinely orchestrated destiny. Two things you might find exclusive about JUMBO is his finding solace in music after the loss of his mother. It was in music JUMBO found comfort because music gave him an avenue to deal with his loss. In his words: “Music became the succor that I needed.” Secondly, JUMBO considers music as “an intricate part of my life.”


Remember, there is no ecstasy, no human pleasure greater than, nor more fulfilling than that of PRAISE & WORSHIP to the most high, the most high GOD!!!



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