Hearts & Roses Valentine Ball 2017

Ok, so despite all the noise-making about no African Time, yep our people still showed up a tad bit late to the event venue -Red Rose Convention Centre, but this time they did it in a mini-Style-African Time way. They were not sooo, soooo late as typical African timers would have been. The night started out with guests trickling in pairs, then in groups of threes and more. DJ Telly Tee bellowed out some great selection of classic tunes, the music was just right, not too loud that we were shouting at the top of our lungs, neither was it too low, that we could hardly hear any of the songs. The decor was subtle, yet elegant enough for the occasion, all thanks to MMM Decors for this tasteful ambiance.

The red carpet was a real-red and its back drop was of the highest grade with its visible sheet of elegance.  In addition, it was graced by a presenter on ground for an added touch for optional live interviews and presentation, amidst AMET-TV fans and guests who had the liberty of taking photos and more photos + optional interviews.

As most people trickled in, their interest stirred toward the direction of the newest addition on the block ….the selfie-stand/station. This goes to show people are often drawn to anything new, anything out of the ordinary. Not long afterwards, there was a long line-up of people waiting their turn for the selfie’ booth portraits, rather than making their way into the event room

Whilst others mingled and made use of classic and traditional photo shoots made available by Envoy photography, rather than wait in line for the selfie-booth station. Others simply played catch up with long seen friends, networking and/or the use of personal selfies’ hijacking spontaneous spots here and there with their digital cams and phones. As the evening unfolded, the host IGOS began to humour the crowd once most of the guests had settled into the event room. Later on that evening, Okey Bakasi, one of the legendary godfathers of comedy took the stage at some point to thrill the crowd with his delightful humour, then further shared a dance on stage with his wife of almost two decades. It was a thrill to watch this mature and fun duo, loved-up couple steal the dance floor almost like it was their very first dance at their own personal wedding, until IGOS the

IMG_6212the host MC/Comedian for the night quickly interrupted before the Bakasis’ aka the Oyegbules’ stole his spotlight.‍ok Eventually, this encouraged the rest of the crowd, both the mature and the younger couples right after dinner to soul-train their way unto the dance floor. The dinner was a combination of Jerk Chicken, Rice, Potatoes and Gravy. The desert was vanilla chocolate and drinks were cash bar accessible. Everyone that started the evening with AMET-TV stayed till late, towards the close of the event. This simply showed that everyone enjoyed themselves to the very last minute.  Did you miss this year’s valentine ball? You really missed the very best and the 6th Hearts & Roses till date.

Nevertheless, you will have another opportunity to come share in the fun at our next AMET-TV event…the JULY 1 Weekend with LWKMD.  Yippee! Canada will also be celebrating 150years, so it will be a double-celebration of events and that dear AMET-TV Fans, YOU do not want to miss!

Until then, keep abreast of whats up with us on social media…Facebook, instagram, twitter or website! Cheers and thanks for coming out yet again. Hope y’all will make it out again at AMET-TV Valentine Ball 2018 for the 7th edition!

Finally, #ametval is a wrap y’all.  NEXT STOP IS JULY 1 🇨🇦 Day with LWKMD 2017!!!











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